Every Step of the Way

We recently realized our decades-long dream of owning our own home. It was a really big event for us. Dave and Connie Burnett were there to walk us through every step. We are so grateful to them – for their knowledge, for their zealousness for the business, for their clear communication skills  and mostly, for their unique ability to “hear” what we were saying. We asked lots of questions and they cheerfully answered every one. They kept us focused on our goals and helped us talk through what was achievable and what was not. And though we expanded the perimeters of our search a number of times, they were never unavailable to go with us either together or individually to walk us through the property. And each time they did, we felt like we mattered. And knowing that they had many other clients to serve, making us feel like we mattered was a big deal to us. The day we got the key to our house was momentous! It changed our lives. Dave and Connie change lives by investing themselves in helping others achieve their dream of home ownership. I don’t think you can put a price on that

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