Who pays the fees?

When it comes to buying a home, it is well known that you as the buyer have to save up a decent amount of money. The question in many buyers minds is exactly where all of this money will be going. The short answer is that it depends of what type of loan you will be pursuing. The three major loans that you may qualify for are conventional, FHA, and VA loans. See below to find out who pays the fees for each of these loans.

Many of our clients have been under the impression that they would not be able to qualify for home a loan, whether that involved credit score requirements or the thought of saving for a large down payment. However, we have guided and continue to guide first time and seasoned home buyers through the process of becoming home owners. We love nothing more than making someones dream of a home become a reality. To see how we can simplify this process and help get you into your home, call or email us at 480-695-4258 or dave@bfreaz.com.

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